Ultraman, Barbed Wire & The Business of Missing You (2017)

The Indonesian cultural landscape after the era of the New Order, not only characterized by the ideas of openness and freedom of speech -which is believed and strived for, continues to be debated to this date. This situation also creates confusion where at the same time there’s growing mobilization of sentiments amongst groups, leading to a single truth which is threatening diversity. This time Rokateater will be focusing on the 90s (millennial) generation. As a generation widely connected through Information Technology and Social Media, who are more open to the possibilities of influence and change, they see violence as a traumatic experience woven with popular narratives. Mobilizing sentiments against minority groups are not only seen as the elite’s political strategy, but it is also how it’s perceived by the millennial generation as a threat to tolerance, in addition to how they can take part in a conversation about Indonesian-ness.

Director: Shohifur Ridho’I
Cast: Ahmat Sopyan, Ceng Romli, Radha Puri Septyani, Wijil Rachmadhani
Scenographer: Prasetya Yudha
Composser: Jenar Kidjing
Manager Production: Kurnia Yaumil Fajar
Supporting team: Rizki Nur Widyatmaja, Seniman Pasca Terampil PSBK